silent hill ; i need a miracle

goodlooking people

i had a resolution to post here more this year and i'm already failing. :( nonetheless, enjoy!

27 - johnny depp (& secret window, pirates, sweeney todd + helena bonham carter)
20 - ガゼット
12 - final fantasy xii (mostly balthier & fran)
10 - tomb raider

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pokémon ; it's all happening on broadway

multifandom dump


25 - final fantasy x-2 (& cosplay/art)
10 - dead fantasy
11 - gazette
09 - デンジャー☆ギャング (わか, 麗, thera)
10 - natasha khan
06 - lady gaga
14 - zombieland
09 - pirates of the caribbean

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fatal frame ; imprinted


omg i need to post these before i make too many! i got on a ffx replay kick so for the past few weeks i've been obsessed |D

edit: if the occasional single icon appears to be missing, it seems to be photobucket's problem. or just my computer's. it comes back eventually.

41 icons of final fantasy x/x-2
4 banners of final fantasy x-2

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fatal frame ; saturn in the rain


dumping a mix of icons i've had sitting around. some are like a year old, others i just did today, most are from between then & now.

16 icons of my milk toof
34 icons of people (れいた, ルキ, lady gaga, marilyn monroe, hanna beth, jac vanek)
20 icons of games (fatal frame, pokémon)

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