sky pirate (decomposition) wrote in candy_horror,
sky pirate

regarding suicide girls icons

hey guys. i know of my past SuicideGirls icons, a good half of them (all the explicit ones that PhotoBucket would delete) are gone thanks to going down. i'll be fixing that soon, i've been super busy lately so it's mostly a matter of me needing to take the time to sit down and do it.

also, i know i have requests to fulfill - i didn't forget! my SuicideGirls account has been down for the past few months and i've been too broke to renew it. but i promise once i get it again i'll return to regularly posting SG icons.

in the meantime, i'd like to recommend three other artists who make great SuicideGirls icons: axecons, gorepop, & orbicularis.

thank you for all your support! ♥

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